How your Facebook page is like a cactus

Everyone always says you ‘can’t kill a cactus’, but in my experience, I haven’t found this to be 100% true.  If you water a cactus too much, its roots will rot and it will fall out of its pot. If you don’t water it enough, it will shrivel up and die.

No, you haven’t accidentally switched over to a gardening blog, the above is also true of your Facebook business page.

It’s so easy when you get your new, shiny cactus (whoops I mean Facebook page) to go all out and post everything that pops into your head on the one day. You’re excited about this next step for your business and you just want to get into it.  You put your heart and soul out there and you wait patiently for the love (likes) to come flooding in. But it isn’t always that easy.

As with anything worth doing, it takes time. Time to not only build your online community, but also time for your community to be interested in what you have to say. So how often should you water your Facebook page? The answer to that will be different for each business and the expectations of their community.  Think about your own Facebook habits and how often you like to see posts from the businesses you follow. In my experience, the optimal number of posts per week is between 3 and 5. Any more than that and the roots will be rotting off your cactus.