The Facebook’s connected to the Instagram… the Instagram’s connected to the Twitter…

Firstly, admit you sang the title. Now that we have that out of the way, one of the first things I am asked as an Online Marketer is what social media channels a business should use to maximise their presence online and my response is always the same. “How much time do you have?”

Do one channel and do it well

Businesses tend to think about their online marketing and social media efforts in terms of how many followers they can get and not necessarily on how much engagement these channels will bring to their business.  The biggest mistake I see is businesses trying to be involved across multiple channels and not putting 100% into any of them. The best advice I can give you is to do one channel really well before you start another.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram… where to start!

Don’t just close your eyes and pick one, a lot of thought needs to go into where you will spend your marketing efforts. Who are you trying to target? What product do you have to sell? Who will maintain it and create content? And finally, if you know your market, which channels are they using and how can you engage them?

Get dressed for success!

Now that you’ve spent some time thinking about who you want to reach and the channel you’d like to use, start getting everything you need together so you can ‘go live’ fully prepped for success.  This will include the digital graphics you want to use, as well as a strong content calendar. But we’ll save that for another day…

Thanks for reading! If you have a lesson learned you’d like to share, feel free to write it in the comments!